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Land Rover | Rugby Zone

Steven directed a film for Land Rover’s Rugby Zone – a rugby learning app designed to develop the skills of young players by enabling coaches, teams and players to share tips, drills and digital learning resources. Rugby Zone has over 100 ready-to-use coaching tips from some of Britain’s leading coaches including rugby legend and World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward. Land Rover is proud to be a long-time sponsor and supporter of the grassroots game in Britain.


Capco | Are you Capco?

Steven recently teamed up with Gorilla Gorilla to direct a film for Capco. The dynamic, presenter-led film was designed to spearhead Capco’s new employer brand campaign aimed at attracting high calibre graduates and new recruits. The campaign needed to reassert what makes Capco an attractive employer and reflect their refreshed brand positioning. The 90 second film will be used across Capco’s social media channels and website.



Virgin Media | VIVID Party VR

Steven took his first steps into the exciting world of virtual reality and ‘360° directing’ with Virgin Media’s VIVID party. The VR experience places the viewer in the middle of a house party where they are led through the room and towards the dancefloor. After an accident near the DJ causes the music to grind to a halt, the viewer saves the day by connecting to Spotify to restart the party – all thanks to Virgin Media’s superfast VIVID broadband.

In a VR first, the ‘Jaunt One’ – a 24 lens, 360° VR camera was attached to a remote controlled, robotic buggy (The Mantis Rig) to capture the action in a single two-and-a-half-minute shot.  This ‘one take’ approach created a seamless sense of movement through the party, offering an immersive VR experience without the unnatural distraction of cuts. To further enhance the realism, a 360° binaural sound mix was created to ensure the sound reacted realistically to the viewer’s movements.

This is Virgin Media’s first virtual reality campaign and was created in partnership with agency Manning Gottlieb OMD. The film also marks a successful collaboration between production partners Vision 3, a leading stereoscopic 3D technology company and Jaunt VR – a Palo Alto based virtual reality studio.

Viewers can experience the Vivid Party as a 2D 360° video on YouTube via their tablet or smartphone, or for the full VR experience they can access the film via the dedicated Jaunt Smartphone app for use with Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Remember to plug in your headphones for the full, immersive 360° audio experience.

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